International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11th. It was established in 2002 by the United Nations General Assembly to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, and to promote their sustainable management. Each year, a different mountain-related theme is chosen, and various events are organized around the world to mark the occasion.

For example, in 2019 the focus was on climate change and its impact on mountains. Mountains cover one quarter of the earth’s surface and are home to 13% of the world’s population. They provide vital ecosystem services, such as clean water and air, food, forests and energy resources.

Despite this, mountains are under threat from human activities such as deforestation, overgrazing and pollution. Sustainable management of mountain ecosystems is essential to protect them and ensure they continue to provide these vital services. International Mountain Day is a chance to celebrate mountains and raise awareness of the need to conserve them for future generations.

In celebration of International Mountain Day, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful mountains around the world! The Swiss Alps are home to some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. With its jagged peaks and glacial valleys, the Alps are a sight to behold.

The Matterhorn is one of the most iconic mountains in the world, and it’s easy to see why.Standing at 4,478 meters (14,692 feet), this peak is truly awe-inspiring. If you’re looking for an adventure, then Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is definitely worth a visit. At 5,895 meters (19,341 feet), Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and one of the Seven Summits – the highest peak on each continent.

Hiking to the summit is no easy feat, but it’s an incredible experience that you’ll never forget. Last but not least, we have Mount Everest – perhaps the most famous mountain on Earth. Located in Nepal and standing at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), Everest is the tallest mountain in both Nepal and Tibet.

If you’re planning on tackling this giant, make sure you’re well prepared – it’s not for beginners!

International Mountain Day

Why is International Mountain Day Celebrated

Since the 1990s, the United Nations has celebrated International Mountain Day on December 11. The day raises awareness of the importance of mountains and their many values, including as water towers, places of spiritual significance and homes to a quarter of the world’s people. Mountain ecosystems are some of the most fragile in the world.

They are also among the most important, providing fresh water for nearly half of humanity and being home to a quarter of the world’s population. Unfortunately, mountains are under threat from climate change, deforestation and unsustainable development. That’s why it’s more important than ever to celebrate International Mountain Day and raise awareness about ways we can protect these vital ecosystems.

Here are five things you can do on International Mountain Day: 1. Learn about your local mountains: What kind of ecosystem do they have? What animals live there?

What is their history? 2. Go for a hike or spend time in nature: This is a great way to appreciate all that mountains have to offer – from fresh air and incredible views to peace and quiet. 3. Reduce your carbon footprint: One way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by offsetting your carbon footprint.

You can do this by planting trees, which help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 4. Support sustainable mountain development initiatives: Sustainable mountain development takes into account the needs of both people and nature. Look for projects that promote renewable energy, conservation efforts or reforestation initiatives in mountain regions around the world.

International Mountain Day Theme 2022

In just a few days, it will be International Mountain Day! This year’s theme is “Mountain Cultures”. Here at [insert your organization], we think this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the amazing cultures that exist in mountain regions around the world.

There are so many different mountain cultures, each with their own unique traditions and customs. For example, in Nepal, mountains are sacred places and play an important role in religious ceremonies. In Tibet, mountaineering is a popular sport and there are even competitive events held every year.

And in Bhutan, the government has placed a high value on conservation of the country’s natural environment, including its mountains. No matter where you live, you can join in the celebration by learning more about mountain cultures and sharing what you learn with others. There are lots of great resources available online and at your local library.

So get started today and help make this International Mountain Day the best one yet!

International Mountain Day Hashtag

In celebration of International Mountain Day, we’re using the hashtag #mountainday to share our love for mountains! Here are some fun facts about mountains: • There are an estimated 54,000 mountain peaks on Earth.

• The world’s tallest mountain is Mount Everest, which stands at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) tall. • Approximately one-fifth of the world’s population lives in mountains. • Mountains cover around 22% of the Earth’s land surface.

• More than 80% of global freshwater comes from mountains. So let’s get out there and celebrate all that mountains have to offer! Be sure to use the hashtag #mountainday when posting on social media.

International Mountain Day 2022

In less than two weeks, on December 11th, it will be International Mountain Day! This year’s theme is ‘Mountain Biodiversity’, which couldn’t be more relevant given the current state of the world. Here at Protect Our Winters Canada we are big believers that mountains are worth protecting not only for their beauty but also for the amazing biodiversity they contain.

Did you know that approximately one quarter of all known species in the world live in mountain ecosystems? That’s an incredible statistic when you think about how much of the earth is covered in mountains! Unfortunately, this biodiversity is under threat from climate change and other human activities.

As temperatures rise, mountain wildlife is being forced to move to higher altitudes in search of cooler conditions. This puts them at risk of running out of suitable habitat as they reach the top of mountains. In addition, many mountain species are already considered endangered or vulnerable due to factors like hunting and loss of habitat due to development projects.

So what can we do to help protect mountain biodiversity? For starters, we can support organizations working towards conservation efforts in mountain regions. We can also make an effort to reduce our own impact on the environment by cutting back on things like energy consumption and waste production.

And finally, we can spread awareness about the importance of preservingmountain ecosystems and all the incredible creatures that call them home. Do your part this International Mountain Day and help make a difference for mountain biodiversity!

What is the Topic on International Mountain Day?

December 11th is International Mountain Day, a day to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of mountains to life. They are home to more than half of the world’s people and are vital for our survival – providing clean air, water, food and energy. They also offer amazing opportunities for recreation and tourism.

But mountains are under threat from climate change, overgrazing, deforestation, mining and other human activities. This International Mountain Day, let’s pledge to protect them so that they can continue to provide us with the essential services we need to survive and thrive.

Why is Mountain Day?

In Japan, one of the most popular national holidays is Mountain Day. This holiday was created in 2016 as a way to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the country’s stunning natural scenery. While it may seem like a strange concept to have a day dedicated to mountains, there are actually many good reasons for it.

For starters, Japan is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. From Mount Fuji to the Japanese Alps, there are plenty of breathtaking places to explore. Mountain Day gives people the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

In addition to being incredibly scenic, spending time in nature has been shown to have numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that time spent in nature can help reduce stress levels, improve mental well-being, and even boost immunity. So if you’re looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate, spending some time in the mountains is a great option.

Finally, mountain day is also a great opportunity to bond with friends or family members. There’s nothing quite like sharing an amazing experience in nature with those you love.

What Day is National Mountain Day?

Today is National Mountain Day! Let’s take a look at some fun facts about mountains. Did you know that the world’s tallest mountain is Mount Everest?

It stands at a whopping 29,029 feet tall! That’s pretty incredible, but what’s even more amazing is that Mount Everest isn’t even the tallest mountain in our solar system. That honor goes to Olympus Mons on Mars, which stands at a whopping 16 miles tall!

Speaking of tall mountains, did you know that there are actually 14 mountains on Earth that stand taller than 8,000 meters? That’s pretty incredible! And if you’re wondering where the majority of these towering peaks are located, the answer might surprise you.

Most of them are actually found in Asia, including eight of the fourteen tallest mountains in the world. So why do we love mountains so much? Well, for one thing, they’re simply gorgeous to look at.

But there’s also something about their size and majesty that just makes us feel small and insignificant in comparison. And in a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and out of control, that can be a very comforting feeling indeed. So whether you’re scaling mountaintops or simply admiring them from afar, take some time today to appreciate our planet’s many beautiful mountains.

What is Mountain Day Tradition?

Mountain Day is a Japanese national holiday that takes place on August 11th. It was established in 2016 to celebrate the country’s beautiful mountains. On Mountain Day, people are encouraged to get outside and enjoy the nature that Japan has to offer.

This can mean hiking, camping, picnicking, or simply taking a walk in the park. Many businesses and schools close for the day so that people can make the most of the holiday. The date of Mountain Day was chosen because it coincides with the Obon festival, which is when many Japanese people take their summer holidays.

This makes it a perfect time for families to get away from the city and enjoy some time in nature together. So whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking to enjoy a leisurely walk in the park, make sure to head out on Mountain Day and appreciate all that Japan’s mountains have to offer!


The blog post is about International Mountain Day, which is a day to celebrate mountains and raise awareness about the importance of conserving them. The author talks about how mountains are important for many reasons, including providing clean water, food, and shelter. They also provide recreation and opportunities for adventure.

The author urges people to get involved in mountain conservation efforts on this day and every day.